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Fifth Wheel Press - flux anthology 2022
'my my my'

Penrose Poetry Prize Short List

Death Rattle Writer's Festival
- Oroboro Vol. 5
'apology on receipt'
'ride home down lemon st.'

SALIMA Magazine - Issue Two (print)
The Women's Center for Creative Work
'the masses are bleeding!'

Rejection Letters

'firewords', a new year's eve short story

AZN Zine Staff Writer - Issue 2
Website / Instagram

'30 Things' (p. 38)
'i am holding up a sign for you at some regional transport center' (p. 54)

Indolent Books
'this city will breathe again this city will breathe again'

Letters from an AI Poet to its Creator
twitter @theaipoet
chapbook vol. 1: prototype
Research @ Chapman University

Kelp Journal
'in addition to'

Calliope Magazine (print)
Fall 2018 - There Were Flowers at the Train Station
Fall 2017 - set

The Underground Experimental Zine (print)


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