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Fifth Wheel Press - flux anthology 2022
'my my my'

Penrose Poetry Prize Short List

Death Rattle Writer's Festival
- Oroboro Vol. 5
'apology on receipt'
'ride home down lemon st.'

SALIMA Magazine - Issue Two (print)
The Women's Center for Creative Work
'the masses are bleeding!'

Rejection Letters

'firewords', a new year's eve short story

AZN Zine Staff Writer - Issue 2
Website / Instagram

'30 Things' (p. 38)
'i am holding up a sign for you at some regional transport center' (p. 54)

Tension at the Intersection
an asian-american
pandemic essay

Indolent Books
'this city will breathe again this city will breathe again'

Letters from an AI Poet to its Creator
twitter @theaipoet
chapbook vol. 1: prototype
Research @ Chapman University

Kelp Journal
'in addition to'

Calliope Magazine (print)
Fall 2018 - There Were Flowers at the Train Station
Fall 2017 - set

The Underground Experimental Zine (print)


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