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Wizards in Space Vol. 9 Pre-Order


'What Remains'
short documentary
SF Doc Fest Screening

Fifth Wheel Press; flux anthology
poetry publication
'my my my'

Penrose Poetry Prize
Short List


rEMOTION Arts Festival
Saturday July 31st, 3pm PST

Live online theater, streaming here! // Facebook Event link
We're raising money for Love Without Boundaries! 

4 plays, written by me:

By the Bay
Four Letter Word
Ohio Blue Tipped Matches
Rematch: Gary Kasparov v. Deep Blue, 2049

Eavesdropping Films

Crowdfunding Campaign!

Alliance for Media Virtual Summit Presentation:

democratizing film through design

workshop sign-up link

Publication @ Rejection Letters:


AZN Zine:

Publication in Issue 2:
Short Story: '30 Things' (p. 38)
Poem: 'i am holding up a sign for you at some regional transport center' (p. 54)

Asian American Film Lab 
Unfinished Works Co-Coordinator
Unfinished Works workshop

Indolent Books poetry publication:
'this city will breathe again this city will breathe again'

Letters  from an AI Poet to its Creator
Twitter @theaipoet

rEMOTION Play Festival
Festival Website

Kelp Journal poetry publication:
'in addition to'

Chapman News feature:
'Student Steps Out Against Fear and Racism Targeting Asian Americans'

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