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I'm a writer & filmmaker based in San Francisco.

I trained at BAYCAT Academy for four years before attending Chapman University, earning a BA in Screenwriting & a minor in English.

Ginger Yifan Chen, Ginger Chen, filmmaker

Where have I worked?

    I've been working in non-profit community organizing, creative writing, and freelance filmmaking & video editing. 

    Here's a list: Center for Asian American Media (CAAMFest;, Austin Film Festival, BAYCAT Academy & BAYCAT Studios (, Mayor's Youth Employment and Education Program,  Spotlight on the Arts  (California Lawyers for the  Arts),  Adobe Bookshop, 60 Seconds Magazine, Asian American Film Lab, & AZN Zine... as well as independent film productions & client projects.

    More details are on my LinkedIn!

What are my goals right now?

     I'm currently focused on producing my independent projects & finding funding for my teams. I have a day job, and I spend my spare time volunteering for my local community at Adobe Books in San Francisco's Mission District. 

    I'm open to connecting!

    I'm pivoting to multidisciplinary art, and I'm particularly interested in talking to and collaborating with multi/interdisciplinary artists, writers, filmmakers, etc.

What's the best way to reach out?

     In order of preference: LinkedIn, Twitter, or Instagram.


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